Signing two memorandums of cooperation between Hakim Sabzevari University and Kurdistan regional Universities of Iraq

Director of International Relations and Scientific  Collaboration Hakim Sabzvari University,   returning from Kurdistan of Iraq, described the   results of his consultations with the officials and   heads of the Kurdistan universities and the   signing of two letters of cooperation between   Hakim Sabzevari University and Kurdistan   regional Universities of Iraq.

Dr. Gholamali Farzai, referring to the fact that about 30 universities and scientific centers of Iran in the field of international communication attended the exhibition, said: “The presence of Hakim Sabzevari University in the exhibition aimed at developing educational and research cooperation with the Kurdistan region of Iraq, providing capacities University and the development of university interactions with universities in this area.


 He continued: According to extensive consultations with the Minister of Science of Kurdistan, the Consulate General of Iran in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and the officials of the universities of this region, we were able to conclude two memorandums of cooperation with the universities of Salah al-Din in Iraq and the University of Tizzakh.

Dr. Farzai stated: “This Memorandum of Understanding is in the framework of mutual cooperation, including the exchange of professors and students, the organization of joint training courses, joint scientific research, holding scientific lectures and academic co-operation in the fields of basic sciences, Engineering Sciences, Persian Literature, Arabic Literature, and Sport Sciences.