Sabzevar At A Glance

About Sabzevar

A brief introduction:

Sabzevar previously known as Beyhagh (also spelled “Beihagh” ‎‎), is a city in Razavi Khorasan Province, approximately 220 kilometers west of the provincial capital Mashhad, in north-east Iran. At the 2017 census, its population was 243,700 which is the 34th most populated city in Iran.

Sabzevar, the land of Sarbedaran is host of many notable poets, thinkers, and scientists such as Abolfazl Beeihaghi, Ibn Yamin Farumadi, Hakim Sabzevari, Mollah Hussein Vaez Kashefi, Ayatollah Siyadati, Ayatollah Feghahati, Ayatollah Abodol-a’ala Sabzevari and others mentioned below.

Now, over 30 thousand students are studying in nine universities and institutions of higher education in the city. Hakim Sabzevari University as the second largest university in the province offers programs in several fields of study at both undergraduate and post graduate levels.

Many Historic tourist attractions such as the Grand Mosque (Ja’me), Mosalla (Praying places), Minaret Khosrowgerd, Haj Molla Hadi Sabzevari’s tomb, Kashefi’s Memorial, Azar Barzin Mehr Fire Temple, Museum of Anthropology are placed in this area, can provide a memorable visiting experience for visitors and pilgrims.

Sabzevar is the commercial center for an agricultural region producing grapes and raisins. There is some small-scale industry, for food processing, copperware and electric motors. Through the old bazaar of Sabzevar fresh, dried and preserved fruits and vegetables are exported. Sabzevar is connected to Tehran and Mashhad by road. Sabzevar Airport provides domestic flights.


The history of Sabzevar goes back to the 1st millennium BC. Ancient remains include fire-temple ‘Azarbarzin’ which is still visible. After the Mongol invasion of Iran, the city was the first part of Iran that moved towards its freedom, under the lead of the Sarbedaran movement.

In 14th century Timur invaded Iran, and despite the brave defense of Sabzevar’s population, he destroyed the city quite completely. Contemporary sources mentions 90,000 people having been murdered by Timur. After killing all men in the town, he cut their heads and made 3 pyramids of the heads, in what is now the modern Sarberiz (meaning “Place of heads”) square.


Sabzevar is located between Nishapur from east, Esfarayen from north, Shahrood from west and Bardaskan from south in Razavi khorasan province.

Main sights:

Mil-e Khosrow Gerd (meaning “The brick tower of king Khosrau) is the highest brick tower in the city. Mosques include the Masjed Jameh of Friday mosque, with its two tall minarets. They were both built during the Islamic age of Sabzevar. Besides, there are two shrines in the city, Imamzade Yahya located in the centre of Sabzevar and the other one, Imamzade Shoeib located in the south of the city.



Sabzevar University of Medical Sciences is one of the most prestigious universities in Khorasan province. MEDSAB is the oldest institution of higher education in Sabzevar city, established in 1975. MEDSAB offers 20 programs to more than 1200 students. This university has more than 100 faculty members. MEDSAB is known for rapid promotion in education quality and programs, and the MEDSAB faculty is composed of men and women. Faculty members are passionate and curious individuals who continue their own research while teaching at MEDSAB. They come from across the country and all over the world, bringing with them a diverse wealth of knowledge. MEDAB is known for combining medical sciences and bioengineering. There are 6 hospitals and 4 schools in this university.

The city is home to the Islamic Azad University of Sabzevar (IAUS), founded in 1985 in response to increasing demands for a higher education center in the region; expansion and development have always continued within the university. Currently there are about 6,500 students studying in three campuses.

Farhangian University is a university of teacher education and human resources development for Iranian Ministry of Education. It was established in 2012, with the approval of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution and the integrataion of all teacher education centers in Iran. The central organization of university is in Tehran and has 64 branches (PARDIS) and 34 sub-branches.

  • Imam Khomeini vocational university 

A vocational university, sometimes called professional university, applied technological university,  is an institution of higher education , which provides both tertiary and sometimes quaternary education and grants academic degrees at some levels

The Sabzevar University of New Technology has officially begun its activities in 2014. The university started its activity in the first year of its operation with 6 fields of study:  Information Technology Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Physics and Computational Science in Bachelor’s Degree.


Notable people