Application Guide

Application Guide

In order to expand the scientific and cultural relations of the Islamic Republic of Iran with other countries worldwide, propagating the international identity as well, the University of Hakim Sabzevari intends to admit foreign students. The university welcomes applicants from a wide variety of backgrounds all over the world. The admission is granted based on admission regulations of foreign students in the universities and higher education centers of the Islamic Republic of Iran approved by ministers of Science, Research and Technology& Health and Medical Sciences.

Find out everything you need to know about how to apply to study with us. If you have the motivation, ability and potential to succeed at university we’d love to hear from you.

Terms of Admission

The admission will be according to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Applying to the University of Hakim Sabzevari is annually twice, without participation in Entrance exam, on full tuition fee.

Note: Having the completion certificate of diploma (formal education for 12 years), bachelor and master to entre the bachelor, master and doctorate educational programs respectively. This completion certificate should be approved by the qualified authorities of the respective country and the delegates of the Islamic Republic of Iran at the time of registration and it should be evaluated in the same document in Iran.

Note: The diploma of the Afghan, Iraqi nationals and other nations received in Iran should include a secondary school diploma accompanied by a pre-university certificate or a full-time secondary school diploma in old system (formal education for 12 years).

Note: Admission to Afghan citizens who hold a diploma of independent schools is not possible.

Note: Applicants with degrees outside of the Islamic Republic of Iran must complete all their degrees after the translation and approval of the relevant ministry in their country by the Embassy or Consulate of the Islamic Republic of Iran in their respective countries.

  1. The financial ability required to pay the full tuition fee
  2. No legal prohibition for education and residence in Iran

Note: According to the circulars of the Ministry of the Interior and the Office of Foreigners and Immigrants, it is necessary that applicants of Afghanistan and Iraq, before completing the application form, check the university’s website of Hakim Sabzevari ( or call to +98-51-4401 2623 (telegram: 0098-9011737610), knowing their Residential status and the latest regulations.

  1. Maximum for undergraduate degree is 26, master’s degree is 28 and doctorate is 32 years.
  2. In order to examine the original records, it is necessary to pay 300000 Rials for the bachelor’s degree and 500000 Rials for Master’s degree at 7874517546 (in the name of the University’s special revenues) at the Bank of Tejarat, University Branch.
  3. After entering the university, the student is bound to participate in the Persian Exemption Test being held in the university. If one does not get the required grade, s/he should take the Persian language courses, paying its tuition fee.

Required documents for examining the applicant’s case:

  1. Fill in the application form and E-mail it to
  2. Picture of the passport pages or valid residence documents in Iran
  3. Picture of the educational degrees with the scores
  4. Payment bill for Initial examination of the documents (Applicant’s name must be indicated in the box and for each applicant only one is acceptable).

How to examine documents:

The full file of each applicant, based on the priorities requested in each fields of study at Hakim Sabzevari University, will be investigated and the results will be notified to the applicants on the due date.

In addition, the case of applicants for postgraduate studies is first examined by the relevant educational groups and then raised in the council.

In case of non acceptance, the Receipt amount is not refundable.

Documents Reception Schedule:

  1. For the first semester of the year: until July 15th each year
  2. for the second semester: until October 15th each year
  3. The results of the applications are announced in the end of July and November each year.

Note: After reviewing the documents and obtaining the necessary permissions, the accepted applicants are registered and these candidates for obtaining Educational visa should go to the consular affairs of non-Iranian students of Khorasan Razavi, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad.

Student Services:

– Hostels are provided on a fee. (Ladies are in the top priority).

– Use of self service (breakfast, lunch, dinner) is provided on charge.


Admission and Registration Office:

Seyyed Mehdi Musavi Moin